Marina Salas is one of the most chameleon-like Spanish and Catalan actress, and one of the most prominent actors of her generation, making the difference with her versatility and depth creating characters.

Beginning her career as a teenager, she has worked in film, television, and theater.

She became famous in cinema thanks to the Three meters above the sky saga and its sequel I want you.

She has starred in several TV series with worldwide repercussion. She has also worked with great international theater directors such as George Lavaudant (France), Daniel Veronese (Argentina), or Tomaz Pandur (Slovenia), always portraying great roles from theater history as Nina, in The Seagull, Marguerite, in Faust, or Catherine in A View From the Bridge.


  • AISGE Versión Española for Best Actress (Explicit Sex)
  • Alcobendas Film Festival for Best Actress (Synecdoche, A crazy love story)
  • TAI Film Festival for Best Actress (El casco de Júpiter)
  • Meraki International Film Fest for Best Actress (Life on Mars)


  • Sin ti (Without you) – imdb
  • The Pelayo’s (Winning Streak)
  • Tres metros sobre el cielo (3 meters above the sky)
  • Tengo ganas de ti (I want you)
  • Lope (The Outlaw)
  • Sonata para Violonchelo (Sonata for Cello)
  • Por un puñado de besos
  • Sexo explicito (Explicit Sex)
  • Sinécdoque, una historia de amor fou (Synecdoche, A crazy love story)
  • Vida en Marte (Life on Mars)
  • El casco de Júpiter


  • Luces de bohemia (Bohemian Lights)
  • La gaviota (Los hijos se han dormido) (The Seagull)
  • Fausto (Faust)
  • Como si pasara un tren
  • Panorama des del Puente (A view from the bridge)


  • La Zona
  • Desaparecida
  • El Pacto (TV movie)
  • Los nuestros (tvmovie)
  • El café de la Marina  (tv movie)
  • Carlos, Rey Emperador
  • Cites
  • El Barco (The Boat)
  • ¿Hay alguien ahí?
  • Hospital Central
  • Cuenta atrás (Countdown)
  • El Comisario
  • Mar de Fons
  • El cor de la ciutat